What Would You Most Like to Read About?

What Would You Most Like to Read About?

Today readers I have made a decision, instead of writing about what I want to write about, I want you to tell me what you want to read about. So that you know the areas I have gained information on over the years I will tell you a little about myself. I am a Mother of 3, and a Grandmother of 5.

I am a trained infant teacher with strong views on giving children confidence in themselves and helping them believe in their capabilities. I especially like teaching children who are struggling with the basics of reading writing and talking. I have yet to find a child I cannot teach to read, even a youngster who had serious disabilities, who despite one to one supervision for 10 years or more, still couldn’t write read or form sentences, but leant to do all three. It all depends on the approach.

I also have 40 years of varied sales and marketing experience and now enjoy working at home with my laptop. I have sold home improvement, property, wine, exercise equipment, medical furniture and much more. I like to be totally involves in what I do.

I am especially interested in mind power and personal development and read masses of books on the subject. I find it fascinating how with belief and commitment and the power of our subconscious mind we can influence our thoughts, our future, and our lives. Things sometimes take longer than we hope but remaining positive and harnessing the power of our imagination most dreams can come to fruition. That is of course if you want them sufficiently to totally commit to them.

I spend summers in the English countryside and I spent last winter in a house close to the beaches in Spain where we bought a house, (one of my goals). I expect to spend this winter their too soaking up the warm summer rays. With my laptop I can work anywhere there is an internet connection. (Another of my goals). If you would like to work at home with your laptop, believe you can and formulate a plan.

Affiliate marketing with the guidance of a mentor is a simple method for setting up a business online. It does take time and dedication to grow but can be started part-time enabling you to continue with other paid work initially. Your coach and mentor will provide products and marketing training which enables you to earn whilst you are leaning the skills necessary.

So I will be pleased to hear any suggestions for articles that fall within my remit and sphere of knowledge. I am looking forward to the challenge!

What Would You Most Like to Read About?

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